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There are different types of pussy videos that are watched nowadays by those people who like watching erotic videos about pussies. According to, it is a fact that not all pussies are similar, and their sizes are not the same. There are various factors contributing to the difference in the nature of the pussies such as the health of an individual, the moisture content in the body and also the preferences of an individual. It is, therefore, imperative for those men who love watching such sex movies in order to understand the many types of pussies that are available. Below are the different categories of pussies:


All girls have their pubic hair when they reach a particular stage in their life (adolescence). However, the distribution of the hair in the pubic region is not the same for all ladies as there are those ladies where the hair occupies all the parts of the pussy. Such a vagina is termed as a hairy pussy. The hairy nature of cunt is by the preference of a lady as there are those girls who shave the hair in their pubic region. There are those who love to watch the erotic videos about hairy vagina and the best video for them is when such ladies with hair all over the vagina are fucked.


It is also a fact that the sizes of the vaginal holes are not the same for all ladies just like in the case of dicks in men. There are those XXX movies displaying the pussies with a very tight hole while others display a cunt with a very wide hole. That cunt with a small vaginal hole is a tight pussy. In most cases, they are confused with virgins since the size of the vaginal opening remains narrow even after being fucked.


There are those ladies with a lot of moisture in the body, and their pussies are always watery. When they are fucked, and they reach climax, the whole vagina will be watery because vaginal fluids will be released. Such movies are termed as wet pussy videos, and there are some people who enjoy viewing how such ladies squirting. Therefore, the vagina with a lot of moisture is termed as a wet pussy.


There are those individuals who like watching XXX videos that are with dry pussy. This is a vagina that remains dry while being fucked. It will remain dry for a longer period until orgasm and in such cases; a lubricant is required to enhance lubrication. Without an appropriate lubricant, the partners will experience pain due to friction and the penetration will not be enhanced.

Why Do People Like Such Videos?

There are the individuals who are addicted to such clips, and they are always online looking for more porno movies to watch. Below are the reasons as to why most of the people like watching such pussy porn videos:

1. Influence Of Peer Pressure.

Peer pressure contributes to most of the guys watching such pussy video. A peer group will be discussing the different pussy eating videos, and most of the people who have not watched will be tempted to start watching too. They will be eager to see what their friends are discussing.

2. The desire To Improve Sex Performance And Pleasure.

There are those individuals who watch such YouTube videos so as to improve their sex performance with their partners. Most of the men believe that watching some types of pussy licking videos will allow them to improve performance since they are in a position to discover more styles and even the types partners have sex with. They will be exposed to different types of pussies and they will choose the ones they think are the best for them.

3. It Is a Source of Sexual Excitement for Some People.

There are people who are not excited easily when they are with their partners or when they want to masturbate. For them to be excited sexually, they must watch their favorite porno videos such as those containing hairy pussy, wet vagina or tight cunt. When they watch their favorite movies, they will be excited, and this will allow them to remain aroused as they watch and do their foreplay or masturbate. Therefore, for some people, these pussy videos are used to enhance that need to have sex.

A Huge Pussy After a Tiresome Day

Dr. Richard didn’t have even a single idea that a huge pussy would be his gift in such a boring and tiring day. He needed something to do as he relaxed. Taking a newspaper to read, he heard a knock at the door. “Excuse me, Sir, you have a patient,” his nurse said. He could not believe it that this was happening just when he was about to rest. He told the nurse, “Tell him to come in… Lora, and close the door please. We ought to be closed.”.

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To his amazement, the so-called patient was a female. Sarah walked in pleasantly and was prompted to fill in all the necessary forms by Dr. Richard. This was not her first visit. Sarah had been visiting doctor Richard for regular checkups, but this time round, she came a little bit later than usual. Sarah settled comfortably into the reclining chair and broke off the silence in the room. Flipping her hair over, she said, “I came this late because I need a special treatment today doctor.” Richard inquired innocently what kind of special treatment she needed as he looked quickly at her waiting for a response.

“I bet you’ll like being in charge of the special treatment for big vagina.” Sarah responded while placing one thigh onto the other exposing the better part of the sexy thigh. Richard could read it all by himself and he definitely had a clue what was about to happen. He pretended to have no idea yet his completely swollen bulge on the trousers betrayed it all. Richard had attended to so many patients by the time, but he always wished there was a thing between him and Sarah. He ultimately could not gather the courage to approach her. All he could do then is just fantasize and dream about her and her sexy vagina.

Sarah walked gracefully towards the doctor and Richard knew that this was the perfect way he would relax. “I see that you don’t want to take charge of matters around here, I’ll be so happy to serve you then,” Sarah said as she held the heavy bulge on Richard’s trousers. She slowly unzipped his pants and withdrew his cock, which was rock hard by the time. Rubbing it rhythmically, Richard held Sarah by the waist and gave her a kiss that she would definitely love to remember. Sarah then bent down to let Richard’s cock stare at her face, glistening with pre cum already. She opened her mouth to lick at the salty head. Swirling its head using her tongue, she watched the doctor as he gestured signs of excitement.

Richard then turned Sarah around and pulled her skirt up to her waist while still pulling the wet panties down. Sarah unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked her bra, letting her boobs free into the air. Richard pushed the throbbing cock into Sarah’s soaking wet pussy, fucking her hard. Sarah was obviously enjoying each and every moment the doctor powerfully thrust in his big cock. She was already groaning loudly and tensed an orgasm. By the look on Richard’s face, he was not even close to cum yet. Sarah feels like porn star with huge pussy from one of these Erotic Video Sex XXX videos.

Sarah then lay down with her back and let Richard directly on top of her. His cock easily slid into her as the juices dripped off her sweet big pussy. Richard increased his speed with every thrust, forcing Sarah to breathe in deeply. She grabbed his shoulders tightly as she came explosively. She, then, felt Dr. Richard cum right inside of her, in hot and wet spurts. They were all breathing heavily by the moment as Richard pulled out his cock. He let Sarah lick all the remaining cum as he said to himself in his mind,” your huge pussy is definitely the best thing that could have happened to me in such a day.”.

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