Snap 版面規則及指引 Snap area's rules and guideline

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Snap 版面規則及指引 Snap area's rules and guideline

文章garytam » 週三 2008/4/02, 3:52 PM



  • 只限張貼照片,內容以搖搖為主
  • 限自家作品,請勿轉貼其他網站的作品;
  • 不可張貼任何有威脅性﹑猥褻﹑色情或污穢內容的資料,不論照片跟搖搖有沒有關係;
  • 不可張貼任何其他根據相關或適用法律為非法的或可能導致任何民事或刑事責任的照片;
  • 不可張貼任何可能侵犯或違反任何其他人士的隱私權、名譽權、版權或其他知識產權的照片,未經該權利所有者,以及照片上所展示的任何人的事先同意。
  • 請把照片調整至 640x640 或以下(包括長度或高度),不要把大於該尺寸的照片張貼出來,但可以自行連結至原相;
  • 為方便大家日後找尋照片,只限發表文章的人貼圖,回覆者不要在該文章下再貼上照片,否則日後將很難在某某文章中的第某個回覆中找回照片;
  • 版主每日會下載大家的照片,並為大家貯存於 Here We Yo! 的伺服器,以免日後部分照片留失而無法觀看;
  • 可自行加上自己喜愛的水印,版主每日會把沒有水印的照片下載,並為大家加上預設水印
  • 懂得加水印的用家,可自行加上預設水印,幫版主減少工作量(下載水印檔:直度橫度)。


"We are not just providing platform for yo-yo players, but also for yo-yo collectors and photographers."

All of you are welcome to post your great yo-yo photos here.
But, please follow the guidelines, or your post will be modified or removed by the moderator.
Image restriction
  • Post only yo-yo related photos;
  • Post only your own photos, no forwarding from others;
  • Do NOT post any threatening, obscene, pornographic or profane material, no matter the content is yo-yo related or not;
  • Do NOT post any photo that is illegal or could give rise to any civil or criminal liability under any relevant or applicable laws;
  • Do NOT post any photo that could infringe or breach any other person's rights of privacy, reputation, copyright or other intellectual property, without the prior consent of the owner(s) of such rights and any persons who are shown in the photo.
Posting guideline
  • Please resize the photo to 640x640 or below (including width and height), do NOT post original-size photos, but you can create a hyperlink to the original;
  • For easy searching, only topic poster can post the photos, but not the replier, or you will find it hard to look for a specific photo in a certain reply of a certain post;
  • Your photo will be transfered to Here We Yo! server everyday, to prevent your photos being unviewable in the future;
  • You can add a custom watermark in your photo. The moderator will help you to add a default watermark if your photo does not have one, everyday;
  • If you know how to add a watermark, you are welcome to do it yourself and save us a little workload (Download the watermark: PortraitLandscape).
Follow this tutorial if you don't know how to post a picture.
If you have any question about the rules, welcome to ask here.

Enjoy our works!
Gary Tam
Play Yoyo Everyday

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