We are a group of teenagers who like yoyoing very much.

At the beginning of 2002, a japanese cartoon had raised a yoyo hit again. There were many people pick up their yoyo again. After the japanese cartoon finished its broadcast on TV, many people think that yoyo is not as trendy as it did, and they give it up. However, we keep going! It is because we know that yoyo is still catch up with the world. In Japan, USA, Canda, people think that yoyo is a sport but not just a children toy. Every summer the World YoYo Contest attracts thousand of yoyo players from all around the world, their target is the same – do their best and try to be the world champion. YOYO, no doubt, is a creative and challenging sport!

Our activities

We periodically hold meeting, conpetition & other activities, to give a chance for the yoers to meet each other, and help them to increase their yoyoing skills.

We are also pleased to help different non-profit making organization to hold performances. We only want to serve the society and promote yoyoing. Letting the society understands yoyoing and telling everybody that yoyoing is not just playing a simple toy.

For more information, please contact us by sending E-mail to info@hereweyo.net

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