Completed! Victoria Harbour Yoyo Competition 2009

Victoria Harbour Yoyo Competition 2009 ended this evening at Ma On Shan Plaza.

Total of 28 candidates, race for 20 prizes in 6 divisions. 19 out of 20 prizes were finally awarded, which included: 1A 1st-3rd places, 2A 1st-2nd places, 3A 1st-3rd places, 4A 1st-3rd places, 5A 1st-3rd places, JF 1st-3rd places, Creativity Award, Superb Junior Award.

Besides the yoyo competition, we had also awarded 3 photographers who was chosen for the 3 best yoyo photos published in the Here We Snap! yoyo photography forum. The result can be reviewed at the “Here We Snap! Award 2008” page.

Organized by Here We Yo!, the Victoria Harbour Yoyo Competition received support from the Hong Kong Federation of the Youth Groups, and sponsored by 44re:creation, China-Yu, CLYW, Duncan, G-String, KOBEYO, Onedrop, SAVEDETH,, YoyoFactory,,, Cheung Kong (Holdings) Limited, Ma On Shan Plaza.

The event was well received, attracting over six hundred spectators within the 6-hour-event.

Thanks all the sponsors for supporting us. Without your great help, our event won’t be adorned. And we also congratulate all the winners.

Below link are the contest videos and the final result with ranks and scores

Final Result and Videos

YouTube playlist

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