Please vote to Black

Tomonari Ishiguro (Black) , a significant player in the world
Right now , he join the contest for the guy who want go to countries all over the world
If that person got top voting, he will go to each contries and need to report by blog, twitter and more.

Black plan to go to different countires and have yo-yo meeting by this project.

If you wanna to see Black , please vote him

Deadline is 25th Jan 2010.

Easter Yoyo Challenge Official Result

1A Freestyle Division:

  1. Li Ho Kwan 李浩鈞 85.47
  2. Chen Ka Kit 陳嘉杰 80.83
  3. Tai Kam Pang 戴錦鵬 70.75
  4. Lau Siu Wang 劉兆宏 69.42
  5. Lee Kin Kan 李健勤 67.34
  6. Tse Tsz Ho 謝子浩 63.16
  7. Lee Kin Lok 李健樂 59.82
  8. Sit Wai Lam 薛瑋琳 59.78
  9. Cheung Chi Wing 張志榮 57.55
  10. Pong Si Yee 龐思彥 57.53
  11. Wong Wai Sheuk 黃偉鑠 54.93
  12. Suen King Wa 孫敬華 53.32
  13. Law Pok Yin 羅博彥 46.16
  14. Chan Tsz Yeung 陳子揚 46.12
  15. Ng Wang Kit 吳宏傑 42.89
  16. Lam Ho Fung 林浩桻 42.83
  17. Choi Wai Fung 蔡偉鋒 29.02
  18. Leung Ka Lok 梁加樂 14.54

Y Freestyle Division:

  1. Chan Kwok San 陳國燊 81.03
  2. Wong Wai Sheuk 黃偉鑠 68.18
  3. Ng Wang Kit 吳宏傑 67.08
  4. Ko Kwan Ho 高琨皓 58.31
  5. Tse Tsz Ho 謝子浩 48.56
  6. Lee Kin Lok 李健樂 43.47
  7. Fong Ka Ho 方嘉浩 41.99
  8. Liu Man Ki 廖文奇 DNF

Wooden-Axle-Yoyo Loop-the-Loop challenge:

.Tai Kam Pang 戴錦鵬



F.A.S.T. Challenge:

.Ng Hing Chak 吳鑫澤


.Li Ho Kwan 李浩鈞
.Wong Wai Sheuk 黃偉鑠
.Lee Kin Lok 李健樂
.Tai Kam Pang 戴錦鵬

Duncan 2009 new metal yoyo – Praxis 1.0P

Duncan’s 80th anniversary comes packed with many suprises; the first being the launch of the Praxis 1.0P.

Equipped with a new patent pending axle system, the Praxis 1.0P works like an auto axle system with both sidecaps spinning simultaneously; openign the door for an entire new fleet of tricks.

Other features include a large customized bearing, 100% polyester string, ultra wide gap, and a recessed silicone response sytem for super smooth play.